Week 31

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week31-8-Edit-2 So I think the belly has grown since the last time I wore this shirt! It seems like I’ve gotten much bigger just in the last couple of weeks. And we’re officially into the single-digit countdown… 9 weeks left! The due date is coming really fast which seems a little scary at times, but I’m also getting very excited to meet the baby. And we’re very anxious to find out if its a girl or a boy! Everyone asks if I have an intuition either way, and honestly, I keep thinking its a boy. But who knows- I was so sure my friend Heidi was having a girl and she had a boy, Drew, yesterday! I know some of you have your own opinions… maybe we’ll have to start a poll on here soon.

We’re heading up to Grafton this weekend after a stop in St. Cloud Friday night- I’m excited to spend a long weekend with family. Hopefully the car ride won’t be too uncomfortable, its getting harder to sit for long periods of time. I definately have lots of baby books to read up on while Josh is driving!

Happy Easter!!

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  1. Laurie says:

    Oh My! That baby has sure grown!! Awesome! Oh my Teffie – I can hardly wait to hold, sing, kiss and rock that
    precious one (and may I say I have much practice in spoiling)!! Am so excited to see you on Sunday – have a safe
    trip up here, sit in back and put your feet up as much as possible!! Love, Great Auntie Laurie :-)

  2. Jessica says:

    Hang in there!! It does look like you’ve had quite the growth spurt, but in a very good way. We want a healthy baby and you look like you’re doing great! JOSH – back massages at this point are a very nice thing to offer. :P Just a hint… and have you tried swimming?? I felt so great swimming my last trimester, don’t know if you have a place to do that or not but just a thought. :) I can’t wait to meet this baby!!!

  3. Amy Johnson says:

    Oh Steph…that belly is so beautiful!! You guys are in the final countdown…enjoy the quiet house…the empty laundry baskets…and your SLEEP!!!! That little miracle is about to turn your world upside down in ways you can’t even begin to imagine…and it’s all awesome!!!! I had a little dream the other morning inbetween alarms that you and I were having a glass of wine and watching Logan play with about a 9 month old little GIRL on the floor…Hmmmmm…we’ll have to see in about 9 months, huh?? The other parts I all believe to be true…the wine and Logan playing with the baby…hahah!!! We love you and cannot wait to meet the little one…and you have never looked more beautiful in the 12 years I’ve known you!!!


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