2 Weeks Old

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Lauren in Basket

We made it through another week! This week has been much better in terms of adjusting and getting used to each other… that first week was pretty tough (especially on mom). Feeding is going much better, although the frequency is still a little overwhelming, and there are still some scheduling kinks to work on. I’ve got to get on a nap schedule- all of you moms say to sleep when the baby sleeps but that is hard to do most days! We took Lauren in for her 2 week checkup today and she’s up to 7 lbs. 2 oz now; that only puts her in the 15% for weight so we’ve got some pounds to put on. Other than being a little small, she’s healthy which makes us very happy!

Another major change at our house is that we just completed outside renovations on our house- new windows and siding! The timing wasn’t so great- the crew started the day before she was born and just finished up this week, but we’re so happy to have it done and the house looks brand new. Hopefully we’ll find some before pics and take some now to post next week.

We are heading out on a road trip tomorrow so I’m trying to pack up and figure out what Lauren will need for almost a week- we are going up to the lake tomorrow for a few days on then on to Grafton for the 4th. The Halls have a family reunion so she’ll get to meet quite a few relatives while we’re home! And we are excited to get up to the lake for the first time this summer (Koda is in definite need for some lake time)… Josh’s sister Erin is bringing their puppy Basil so with a new puppy and a new baby, it will be an interesting weekend!

Have a great holiday!

4 Responses to “2 Weeks Old”

  1. Auntie Laurie says:

    Oh my gosh! You people should seriously go into business! What a fabulous photo! Counting the days until I can hold you again,
    little angel! Love Laurie

  2. Amy Johnson says:

    She’s gorgeous. Great job on the picture, Josh and Steph! She’s simply gorgeous. I hope you have some nice relaxing time at the cabin and in Grafton…can’t wait to hear all about it and get my hands on that beautiful girl…I have treats for her!

  3. Jen says:

    What a great picture of Lauren! Do I see the start of a few little rolls around her legs? :)

    I hope all of you have a fabulous and relaxing time at the lake and in Grafton. Let those Grandma’s rock Lauren and take a few naps.

    Hopefully, I can stop over after you get back to meet that precious baby of yours!

  4. Meagan says:

    What an awesome picture!! If you guys took that yourselves, there is no need to refer you to our photographer…we’re coming to the Keck Studio next time around!!

    She is beautiful. Maybe Jack and I can stop by to meet her before school starts up again…

    Take care…


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