3 Weeks Old

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It’s hard to believe Lauren will be a month old this week… it seems the days go by pretty quickly lately and she’s definitely more alert now which is fun. She’s a pretty content baby- we made it through church this morning without even a peep. Her cries are usually limited to hunger or a little fussiness in the evening. And we had the best night so far last night; she slept for a 4 hour stretch and then another 2 1/2. Mom felt pretty rested this morning for once!

We had a great trip up to the cabin last weekend- it was very relaxing and Lauren got her first pontoon ride and a cozy nap in the hammock. The trip to Grafton was also fun as we enjoyed the 4th with over 150 Hall relatives! She was so good throughout the whole day, starting out with a parade and ending with a dinner and dance, although Josh and I were too wiped out to stay late and party. Traveling gets a little longer when you have to stop every few hours and the truck was definitely packed to the roof, but it was good to get away and spend time with our familes!

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  1. Grandma Mary says:

    Lauren, you are too cute!!! I miss you already, Shorty! Great pictures, Steph and Josh! Whew . . . busy week, but what fun to have her in ND! Thanks for all the great memories and photos of your FIRST trip to Grandma and Grandpa Hall’s. Can’t wait to “do the Manda” with you soon, little sweetie! Love and kisses, Grandma Mary

  2. Amy Johnson says:

    Awwww….Lauren!!! You’re getting big without me!!!!! No fair!!! I have yet to see your beautiful eyes in person! Hopefully I’ll get over this week to see you and your momma…otherwise another week and Logan and I will be livin’ in your neighborhood…you just let me know if you need some alone time, k?? Hugs and kisses and squeezes to you and your parents, Princess…


  3. Erin says:

    Ohhh, she is too precious. I feel like now I can see more of Josh in the photos, before it was total mini-Steph :) It looks like you guys had a lot of fun in Grafton! I can’t wait until we see her (and you two!) again. Love, Erin
    PS- I can’t get enough of those tiny sunglasses!

  4. Opa Rob says:

    Josh, Steph And Lauren-
    Just got back from our couples trip to Canada. Had to go to the blog site to look for any new postings and photos. Wow!! you are growing right before our eyes Lauren. We really enjoyed having you at the cabin for the first time and going on your first pontoon ride. You were sooooo good the whole weekend. It won’t be long and Mom or Dad will have you out on the jet ski. I agree with Erin that I’m also starting to see a little of Josh in her face. Still cute like her mommy though. Thanks for the continued postings so we can all share in her growth. Looking forward to seeing you soon and having Koda for the weekend. Love, Opa Rob


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