The Holiday Recap

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What a wonderful holiday season we had with our families!  We spent Christmas in Grafton and it was great to see my brothers, mom and dad, and lots of extended family.  Lauren especially had fun with my cousins’ kids and loved being part of the gang.  She received a harmonica from her uncles that she learned to play very quickly- I think she’s inherited the same musical genes!

After a brief stop back at home for a few days, we headed north to the cabin for New Years with the Kecks.  It was beautiful with lots of fresh snow and between sledding and snowmobiling, we got to enjoy it!  Lauren thought sledding was pretty fun until we wiped out on the sled a few times- she did enjoy a slower ride with Erin and Annie.  She loves to hold Annie, kiss Annie, and play with all of Annie’s toys.  We got a preview into the “mine” stage and realize we need to start stressing “share” more!

As much as we love going home for the holidays, it is nice to be back at our home and settling into routine again- Lauren was very excited to get back to daycare and to see her friends.  It was a little harder for me to get excited about working a full week again, but I’m managing okay :)

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year!

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4 Responses to “The Holiday Recap”

  1. Grandma Mary says:

    “Christmas, merry Christmas, has it really come and gone . . . with its joyous celebration, with its carols and its song?” What a wonderful time it was for Grandpa and me with all the family together again! Thank you, Josh, for capturing so many of those special moments! Lauren, the pictures of you and your cousins and Great-grandma Merle . . . precious! Christmas Eve and you in your little red dress . . . wonderful memories! We are so lucky! Love you guys, Grandma Mary

  2. Amy says:

    THANK YOU for updating the pictures…I love the piggies!!! Lauren is so beautiful…and the photography captures her sweetness just perfectly. i need to see you guys soon!! Make the trip across hwy 5 soon!!!

  3. Nana Jo says:

    It looks like a wonderful Christmas was enjoyed by all in Grafton! We loved having you at the lake over New Years too. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures — it is so much fun to view them over and over……it’s amazing
    to see how much the girls have grown, and ARE growing! I see changes every time we are together. I don’t think I will ever forget the look on Lauren’s face as she came out of the bedroom after pushing the test button on the carbon monoxide detector:) Fun times. Love you all, Nana Jo

  4. Jessica says:

    I’m a little late in my comment here but I just loved all those pictures! Especially the ice cream ones – those are too precious. I have yet to eat the potato sausage – waiting for just the perfect night. :)

    Hope you’re all well … many hugs!


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