4 Months Old

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DSC01537 Our little guy is sure growing- he’s up to 17 lbs. 12 oz. at his last appt. and has grown out of most of his 3-6 month clothes! Brayden’s rolls are so adorable and he’s such a happy baby. He’s almost rolling over and close to sleeping through the night now. He grabs on to everything (including hair) and loves to watch Lauren. It is the cutest thing when she laughs and he smiles back at her. We’ve gotten quite a few laughs from him, but it takes a little work. Smiles, on the other hand, are pretty easy to come by.

I boxed up the newborn clothes last weekend and it’s hard to believe he was wearing those tiny onesies just a few months ago. Time is going so quickly, but it is fun to experience all these milestones again and we’re so lucky to have a happy, healthy baby.

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  1. Amy Johnson says:

    Way to GROW, Brayden!!! Love you and every one of your rolls!!! Big, happy baby boys are my favorite kind!!! Can't wait to see you again (not sure when but I know I will) and kiss those adorable cheeks of yours!!! Also haven't seen Big Sis Lala lately…need a lil' time with her too!!!

  2. Grandma Mary says:

    Brayden, you are such a cutie! What precious pictures of you and your dad and Grandpa Paul. You are definitely going to be a BIG defenseman for the Huskies! Can't wait to see you and your big Sis!
    Love from Grandma Mary

  3. Amy Johnson says:

    Grandma Mary…ah-hem…HUSKIES??? Don't ya think he's gonna be a COBBER??? ;)


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