Where do the days go…

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It’s been hard to find time to sit down and write posts lately, although I can’t think of specific excuses why I’ve gone so long between updates. I guess it’s called “life with two small kids” but I’m sure families with more than two kids are thinking, that’s nothing! Honestly, I like to consider myself an organized person who usually remembers birthdays, weekly commitments and feeding the dog, but I have never felt so distracted and unprepared for daily life as I have over the last six months. And even now that Brayden is sleeping through the night (yay!), I continue to feel tired and out-of-sorts for most of the week. I catch myself thinking that it will all get easier when he naps more regularly, or starts eating the food we eat, or even so far as when he’s potty trained… and then I remember all of these wonderful baby moments that I will miss. As much as I’d like life to be easier these days, I know I need to sit back and cherish these times that Lauren wants me to play babies with her or that Brayden’s face lights up when I walk in the room in the morning. And enjoy that they love each other so much right now that all Lauren has to do is look Brayden’s way and he laughs harder than at anything Josh or I try to do for a few giggles.


Brayden is now six months old and continues to be a very happy, content baby for most of the time. He was 20.5 lbs yesterday at his dr. appt. and is in the 90% percentile for both weight and height. He’s eating solid foods three times a day and has not turned away any food that’s been put in front of him! Brayden is sitting up pretty well and our new activity is to stack up blocks for him to knock down. He’s also gotten very “grabby” and Lauren doesn’t not particularly like when he pulls her hair- at least he doesn’t mean to do it at this age!

My newest goalĀ is to update more often- even if no one is following anymore, it’s the best place to record milestones and post pictures of the kids since I really don’t have the time to scrapbook for them!

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2 Responses to “Where do the days go…”

  1. Nana Jo says:

    Oh I just love the new pictures. It won't be long and Brayden will have outgrown baby's stroller — I was laughing out loud:) But then it will probably be on to dressing him in princess dresses. Such precious pictures and such a blessing to see the love they share for one another and with their loving and wonderful parents. Love to all, Nana Jo

  2. Grandma Mary says:

    Brayden, you are just the cutest boy . . . can that smile of yours get any bigger! The picture of Lauren strolling you like one of her "babies" reminded me of how your mom used to dress up Jonny in wigs and tutus . . . he never complained either! Love all the pictures and thoughts on "time flying by", too! Hope you are having some of "October's bright blue weather" down there and "counting like misers, hour by hour" these beautiful days together! Love, Grandma Mary


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