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Brayden has had a tough few days- just cranky and hard to please. His top two teeth started coming in last weekend and so we thought that was part of the problem; he’s been drooling like crazy, giving him a rash on his chin, neck, and chest and he chews hard on anything he can get in his mouth. Then Sunday night, while Josh playfully turned him upside, I happen to notice that all four of his top teeth are coming in- poor little guy! His cranky mood throws us off so much because we’ve never really had to do much to keep him happy. Of course Lauren can still get him to smile or laugh just by walking into the room so we ask her to entertain him most of the time.

Lauren played solo a lot on Sunday and it’s so funny to listen in and watch her play with her dolls. She likes to play school with them, sitting them in a circle for group time and reading to them. She also included me in one of the group times and announced that she was chewing gum. After telling me it was just pretend, she continued to “chew” gum for most of the game we were playing- quite convincingly, too! She is quite observant and doesn’t miss much these days.

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2 Responses to “Teething”

  1. Opa Rob says:

    Brayden- Hope you are feeling better! Hard to get those little teeth in but once they're in you'll be chewing on pizza and all that good stuff like your big sister Lauren. Sounds like Lauren might be a teacher instead of a dentist. Good teachers are very important and I'm sure you'd be great. Hope to see you all soon.
    Love, OPA

  2. Grandma Mary says:

    Brayden, hope you're feeling a little better now. Bet your mom and dad miss those BIG smiles of yours! Lauren, your babies are going to be SO smart with you teaching them everything you know! Were those your music books you were teaching from?? Grandma and Bumpa can't wait to hear you sing some of your "Bible" songs!
    Be sure to have your mom and dad take some pictures of you and Brayden in your Halloween costumes. Someone asked me today what you were dressing up as , , , and Grandma didn't know!! Have fun "trick or treating"! Love and kisses from Grandma Mary


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