Snowed In

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We had quite a snow storm here this weekend- over 15 inches of snow fell yesterday. It does have a winter wonderland feel to it, but I was disappointed that my mom had to leave a day early to avoid the storm and my company Christmas party was canceled. Aside from venturing out to church this morning, we’ve been cooped up in the house all weekend long! The kids enjoyed watching the plow in the cul-de-sac and the living room was definitely a disaster (although not much worse than usual). I made cookies most of Saturday, delicately decorating sugar cookies until my hand couldn’t function anymore. Between that and shoveling a foot of snow last night, my arms are going to hurt tomorrow!

DSC01806DSC01815 DSC01802

I had to link this video of the Metrodome roof collapsing early this morning- crazy!


We also had a holiday party with some Cobber friends last weekend- we try to get a picture of all the kids at the end of the night and this is the best I could do. I think we should plan to take the picture at the beginning and hope they will be more cooperative!

DSC01798 DSC01793 DSC01794

3 Responses to “Snowed In”

  1. Erin says:

    Your living room looks like ours, and I don't have a snow storm to blame it on! Love the photo of Steph and Brayden with the snowman hats!

  2. Nana Jo says:

    Fun pictures — and it looks like more snow is on the way! See you all soon. Love, Nana

  3. Grandma Mary says:

    Glad we missed all that snow up here – Santa needs to bring you a snowblower! It was so hard to leave with Brayden constantly smiling and Lauren keeping us entertained with her singing and baking . . . we can't wait to have our living room look just like yours in a few days! Hope the road to Grafton is cleared out by next week! Love to all, Grandma Mary


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