Christmas with the Halls

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We had a wonderful Christmas in Grafton with my family- lots of family gatherings, yummy food, and good times. It was especially fun to see Lauren’s excitement now that she understands the holiday. She loved singing Christmas carols and hymns (her favorites are Frosty and Hark the Herald Angels Sing), she repeatedly asked us to read the Grinch, and loved to play with the Little People manger set- it wasn’t uncommon to find Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the stable with a big flashlight shining on them. And watching her open presents was so entertaining- she got a crib for her Bitty Baby and her overjoyed reaction had us rolling with laughter. Brayden was like any other 9 month old- the wrapping paper and boxes were more exciting than the gifts themselves! He is so close to crawling and gets very frustrated that he can’t move around yet. It was also pretty funny to watch him with my parents’ new puppy, Tobey. Brayden was really interested in him since he was at the same height level, but didn’t quite know what to think when Tobey got too close for comfort.

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We hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well!

3 Responses to “Christmas with the Halls”

  1. Nana Jo says:

    Great pictures of Christmas in Grafton! I know how much your parents loved having you all together. Toby is the cutest little puppy too…. Love, Nana Jo

  2. Amy says:

    Too cute!!! The kids look great and it looks like it was a very special Christmas with the boys. Love the updates!!! :)

  3. Grandma Mary says:

    It really was the best, wasn't it?! Your pictures tell what fun it all was . . . right down to Brayden and Toby rolling around on the floor together, and Lauren loving her Bitty Baby crib! Such wonderful memories! Love you guys, Grandma Mary


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