Brayden Crawling

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It’s been a long time since we’ve posted a video. Here’s some of the excitement that was happening around the house in early January.

4 Responses to “Brayden Crawling”

  1. Nana Jo says:

    Oh Brady Boy — you are really moving now! You might be moving faster than Nana. Can't wait to kiss your sweet little face when we see you soon. Love, Nana Jo

  2. Amy V says:

    Brayden!!! You're too cute and such a good crawler!!!! That sweet face is adorable!! Happy Birthday, next week, Big Boy!! We love you!! – Amy, Phil and Logan

  3. Grandma Mary says:

    Brayden, I had told Bumpa just how FAST you can get from the living room to Lauren's treasures! Thanks for the video to show him just how speedy you are! You are the sweetest, cutest birthday boy ever! Have a fun birthday! Love, Grandma Mary and Bumpa

  4. dfw says:

    Love the video you guys–so fun to watch!!!


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