Brayden’s 1st Birthday

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Brayden had such a fun birthday party! We had the living room filled with balloons and although he didn’t fully understand the party was for him, he sure enjoyed himself. He let Lauren and Annie help open his gifts- he got a lot of cute summer outfits and sports-themed gifts. And he LOVED his cake- we finally had to take it away from him before he went into sugar shock! We all had a great time celebrating our little guy’s 1st birthday.

At his one year appt, Brayden was up to 24 lbs and 10 oz. I think he eats more than me for dinner some nights! He loves to eat and to play with balls- the ball popper is probably his favorite toy at the time. He isn’t walking yet, but on the verge of those first steps- just this weekend, he was trying a few different moves that were pretty funny. Won’t be long before we’re chasing after him as he runs from us.

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  1. Grandma Mary says:

    Happy 1st Birthday, Brayden! Such cute pictures of you celebrating with everyone! You are going to be a "speed demon" when you start walking , , , can't wait to see you head to Lauren's room then!
    Love and kisses from Grandma Mary


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