Spring is here!

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It was so nice to see the sun today- we’ve been waiting for some warm spring weather! We’re ready to start working in the yard and being outside with the kids. I’ve started running again and have taken Brayden in the jogging stroller a couple of times now- pushing my big boy makes for a tough workout! We also got a trail-a-bike for Lauren to use along with practicing on her bike with training wheels.

Our boy is growing and learning more every day. Brayden loves to play in Lauren’s room and has started to take interest in books, just like his big sis. He just started waving bye-bye and is closer to walking- he likes to walk along things and push the walking toy, but hasn’t taken those first steps yet. I think once we start spending more time outside, he’ll get the motivation to walk instead of having to sit on a blanket or crawling on the driveway!

Lauren continues to make us laugh and test our patience. She’s very much into doing things herself and often times I forgot she is still only 3 yrs old. The conversations we have seem very grown up and she’s started asking a lot of big questions about life (and death). She’s very good about entertaining herself and loves to read, color and play with her babies. We’re having some struggles with shyness and self-consciousness in a large group setting, but hopefully it is just a phase and she won’t be stuck to our leg throughout dance class forever!

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6 Responses to “Spring is here!”

  1. Ruth Hall says:

    I really enjoy all the pictures you put on your site! I check often and feel so much closer to you and your family when you share them. Thank you so much for taking the time to post the precious pix of you and yours.

  2. Amy Velsor says:

    What adorable Easter photos!!! The kids – Annie included – are getting so big and are so cute!!!

  3. Grandma Mary says:

    Love all the pictures and news . . . such wonderful family pictures of all of you at Easter! Nana Jo and Opa looked as though they loved every minute of it with all the "chicks" in the nest! Annie and Lauren have so much fun together, don't they? Won't be long before Brayden will be trying to get in on all the action with those two! Hugs and kisses to all! Love from Grandma Mary

  4. Nana Jo says:

    Loved having you all here. But, the time just goes too fast… The kids are such entertainment and a joy to be around. Lauren you and Mommy made some very special Easter eggs — with sparkles too! They look beautiful. Love you all, Nana Jo

  5. Karla says:

    Love these pictures! Ah, especially the family pic of you four in front of the fireplace.

  6. ThienA says:

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