Afternoon at the Zoo

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Going to the Minnesota Zoo is one of my favorite activities with the kids. This visit we spent most of the time at the Farm and at the water fountains. The goats are always fun – Lauren was a little scared to feed them, although she loved brushing them. And I tried to let Brayden feed them, but all he wanted wanted to do was eat the feed pellets himself – yuck!

Brayden loved the water fountains – he’d go right into the stream of water, turn around spitting water out and end up with the biggest smile on his face. Guess he’ll be our little water bug!

There are currently several Dr. Seuss characters placed throughout the zoo and Lauren had fun spotting them. She enjoyed posing with a few of them, too.


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  1. Grandma Mary says:

    What a fun summer you guys are having! Brayden, you are fearless when it comes to anything that splashes or gets you wet! And Lauren, you could be a model! So much fun with all of you last weekend . . . hugs and kisses to my Company Girl and Little Buddy! Love, Grandma Mary


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