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It has been too long since the last post. We’re busy and the kids haven’t been very photogenic recently, but I wanted to write a little something for those of you who still check in on us…

Brayden is 18 months and so entertaining at this age. He’s starting to say a few words and mimic what you say, like “where is it”, but most of it still sounds like jibberish. He’s still obsessed with balls, cars, planes and now trains. The very first thing he says in the morning is “cheerio”. I think he would eat all day long if he could.


Lauren is imaginative and funny. She tells us stories and her expressions are just as entertaining as the story line. She loves her babies and plays school or shopping, usually she goes to Target. Josh made her a mask, shirt and shorts out of paper bags last night and she couldn’t stop giggling- who said entertainment needs to cost money!


We still have some power struggles and the slightest issue can become a major meltdown- her hair isn’t curling just right, she doesn’t like the outfit she picked out, she wants to wear her swimsuit to Target… makes me nervous for when she’s 14 instead of 4.

But they can both be so sweet and play really well together. Some moments I would like to bottle up and remember forever – or at least through the next meltdown.


5 Responses to “Random update”

  1. Nana Jo says:

    Fun to find a post — can't believe how they are growing and developing their little personalities! I want to see a picture of the paper shirt, shorts and mask:) Love you all, Nana Jo

  2. kk~ says:

    gosh la la is such a beauty. and brayden- what a sweetie. i think you two need a date night soon, so i can watch the little mermaid or something.

  3. Grandma MAry says:

    Thanks for the photo update . . . it's been too long since we've seen Lauren and Brayden in action! The cutest, sweetest, and smartest grandkids there ever coud be, aren't they!!! Hope to see all of you soon! Love Grandma Mary

  4. amy says:

    love checking in and finding a post!!! thank you!!!!

  5. relationshiptlc says:

    not sure if you birds noticed – but it's been almost a year since your last post…i think it's about time for an update on the kecks. i know i've been waiting.


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