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I had a surprise visit from my family a couple of weeks ago- it was a total shock to come home from work and find them all there waiting!  I was pretty emotional at first, but after they assured me that it was just a fun surprise, I was able to relax and calm down (Read the Rest…)

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  • Grandma Mary says:

    It was just the BEST, wasn’t it?! Lauren. you had your uncles wrapped around your little finger . . . must have been that smile of yours that melts everyone’s hearts!
    We treasured every minute of our time with all of you . . . thanks, Josh, for your help in pulling off the surprise! Love, Grandma Mary

Wow, I just realized we haven’t posted in a month! The last few weeks have been busy, starting with Josh and I traveling to Boulder, CO, for a family friend’s wedding. The weekend was great- Boulder is a cool city and the weather was perfect for walking around Pearl Street. Josh was their photographer for (Read the Rest…)

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  • Amy says:

    I love you guys and I know you’re recovering from not being home in forever, but could we see some photos from Christmas??