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We had a fun-filled Halloween weekend which started Friday with a Fall Harvest party at daycare. The kids got to wear their costumes and even Brayden got to join the parade via the infant buggy. Lauren was what I called “Pink Tink”… she wanted to be Tinkerbell, but we found a pink princess dress and (Read the Rest…)

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  • Allie Miller says:

    Hi Steph and Josh:) Your 2 adorable kiddos remind me so much of my 2 at their ages!! Grace and James are now 7 and 5 and it seems like just yesterday they were this little, it truly does fly by!!! I still think Brayden looks ALOT like Steph and Jonny Hall!! Looks like you are busy yet having LOTS of fun. Wish we could see you guys more often! Please let me know when you come to Fargo ok??:) Take care guys. Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures. Love, Allie Miller