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We’ve been busy traveling over the past couple of weekends and have had fun spending time with our families. It started with a trip up to Grafton that included some time with my extended family- Lauren had a blast with my cousins’ kids and had her first DQ chocolate malt and dilly bar… in the (Read the Rest…)

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  • Amy Johnson says:

    love the new look to the website too!!!!! Good job, josh!!!

We celebrated Annie’s first birthday a couple weeks ago and had a great time in Fargo with family. It is so fun to watch Lauren and Anne together- they entertained us all with the Busy Ball Popper (which I would highly recommend for a child’s birthday present) and enjoyed playing with Anne’s new Dora kitchen. (Read the Rest…)

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  • Amy J says:

    The girls are so adorable!!! My thoughts and prayers are with Joe and Erin…for patience and a speedy recovery.

My mom and dad came down last weekend to celebrate Dad’s birthday with us.  The weekend went too fast as always… Saturday we headed over to the Mill City Farmers Market and Como Zoo.  It was a gorgeous day to be out and we had fun watching Lauren react to the zoo animals. We were (Read the Rest…)

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  • Taylor K says:

    Lauren is so much bigger and even cuter than i remember her. Her pigtails are adorable!


Fargo 1/2 Marathon

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We did it! My couisn Jess and I ran the Fargo 1/2 Marathon this past weekend and it was a great experience. It really was a fun one to take part in … so many people came out to cheer on the runners and it was a such beautiful morning to be out running! We (Read the Rest…)

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  • Grandma Mary says:

    What a great run, Steph and Jessie! Congratulations on such good times . . . you two make a great team! Josh, your pics tell the whole story, too! I’m inspired . . . maybe next year, eh? Aren’t cousins the BEST . . . Lauren, you’re gonna get one real soon! Lucky you! Fun time for all of us . . . thanks!


Busy, busy!

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Busy is the word around our house lately! Lauren is moving a lot faster now and is getting into everything… she climbs and crawls over anything in her way and tries to pull herself up on whatever is near. With the nice weather lately, Josh has been taking Lauren rollerblading and although she enjoys the (Read the Rest…)

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  • Great Auntie Laurie says:

    Yeah! New Lauren Photos – you just made my day!! Can’t wait to see you all in Fargo! Love, me


I had a fun trip to Fargo last weekend and my cousins got me in the mood to shop for baby things! I hadn’t really let myself buy anything yet, basically because I know once I start, I won’t be able to stop! Kate and Jess helped me pick out a few things, some of (Read the Rest…)

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  • Nana Jo says:

    Steph and Josh — I love the little outfit!! They have just the most adorable clothing for babies — I can hardly wait:) You looked just radiant when we saw you this morning Steph! You both are so happy — you will be wonderful loving and caring parents of this little grandchild! Thanks for sharing the anticipation and excitement as you prepare your home and hearts for this blessing. Love you three, Mom


Week 21

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First, I’d just like to thank everyone who has checked out our site! It’s fun to read your comments and we’re happy to share this experience with you. I had a doctor appointment this morning and after having an ultrasound, these routine appts. are pretty uneventful! Too bad we can’t see the baby every time! (Read the Rest…)

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  • Susan S. says:

    Steph, you are so beautiful!! I watched the Audrey Hephren story last night and thought of you because you are just as lovely if not more so than she was.
    Thanks for having this Blog. It will be so fun to see your progress.
    I read Ps. 139 to Cortney Ellen every day for the last five months she was in my womb. To this day, she loves reading her Bible.
    I am so happy for you and Josh. You will be such great parents and your child will be soooo spoiled by their grandma in Grafton, this we know!
    Take care you two and 1/2 and keep those pictures coming!

    Love you!