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and then it got nice out…

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  • Amy J says:

    These pictures make my head start singing “Singin’ in the Rain…just singin’ in the rain…”. She’s such a cutie!!!!!


Busy, busy!

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Busy is the word around our house lately! Lauren is moving a lot faster now and is getting into everything… she climbs and crawls over anything in her way and tries to pull herself up on whatever is near. With the nice weather lately, Josh has been taking Lauren rollerblading and although she enjoys the (Read the Rest…)

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  • Great Auntie Laurie says:

    Yeah! New Lauren Photos – you just made my day!! Can’t wait to see you all in Fargo! Love, me


So big!

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Lauren is getting bigger and smarter every day! She is now tired of baby food and only wants to feed herself… which makes eating times a lot longer and much more messy. She’s also got a couple more teeth on top although I’m not sure how much she actually chews her food. Her new thing (Read the Rest…)

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  • Opa Rob says:

    Lauren- We just can't get enough of that cute little face with those big beautiful eyes. You are getting sooo big. It is really fun to watch and talk with you and Mom and Dad on Skype. It helps us not being able to see you in person for these months that we're in Arizona. We can't wait until you all are here next week. Auntie Erin and Uncle Joe are here now and we are having a good time with them doing hikes on Silly Mountain and going to Spring Training games. Nana Jo and Auntie Erin have also been busy shopping for your soon to come new cousin and finding special things for you for when you are here. Tell Mom to pack your shorts cuz it is in the 70's here now!! See you in a few short days. Love, Opa Rob


Week 23

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 So here is a new belly picture!  I’m definately filling out maternity clothes at this point and only a few pre-pregnancy shirts fit now, or at least stretch enough like the one I have on.  Some days I’m feeling pretty big, but then I see someone in their ninth month and realize I have a long way (Read the Rest…)

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  • shawn says:


    I check on you every day at work. It is still hard for me to believe that you are going to have a baby but it apparently
    suits as these pictures prove. Can’t wait to see which Keck the Stork drops off for you. Talk to you soon.

    - shawn