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and then it got nice out…

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  • Grandma Mary says:

    Lauren, such cute pictures of you! Love your water boots and new trike! Won't take you long to figure out those pedals, will it! Have fun! Love, Grandma Mary


Busy, busy!

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Busy is the word around our house lately! Lauren is moving a lot faster now and is getting into everything… she climbs and crawls over anything in her way and tries to pull herself up on whatever is near. With the nice weather lately, Josh has been taking Lauren rollerblading and although she enjoys the (Read the Rest…)

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  • Amy says:

    Thank you for new Lauren pictures!!!!! I love the crawling video, but it’s been a month!!!! She is adorable as always….can’t wait for a squeeze soon!!!!


So big!

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Lauren is getting bigger and smarter every day! She is now tired of baby food and only wants to feed herself… which makes eating times a lot longer and much more messy. She’s also got a couple more teeth on top although I’m not sure how much she actually chews her food. Her new thing (Read the Rest…)

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  • Amy says:

    OH!!!!! I miss her and you guys live a mile away!!!!! I gotta have a Lauren fix soon!!!


Week 23

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 So here is a new belly picture!  I’m definately filling out maternity clothes at this point and only a few pre-pregnancy shirts fit now, or at least stretch enough like the one I have on.  Some days I’m feeling pretty big, but then I see someone in their ninth month and realize I have a long way (Read the Rest…)

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  • karen strohschein says:

    Dear Steph and Josh,

    Joanne gave me your site. What a fun way of keeping track of this awesome adventure!
    It sounds like you are enjoying this time of anticipation and preparation. Make the most of every minute. God’s gift of life is such an incredible miracle and you get to be a part of it.
    Thanks for sharing the fun and excitement! Karen