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May has been a kind of a slow month for us- we’re just enjoying the nice weather, going out on our rollerblades, getting the yard cleaned up… basically just relaxing before the craziness of summer begins!  We’ve also spent an afternoon at Canterbury, visited the zoo, and spent a weekend in St. Cloud where Lauren (Read the Rest…)

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  • Amy J says:

    Her personality is jumping right out of the photos!!! LOVe IT. Looks like Lauren loves Canterbury as much as I do!!! :)

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great time in St. Cloud celebrating Lauren’s first Christmas with family and friends. Lauren enjoyed playing with Great Grandpa Paul in her jumper. She was excited to open gifts — so she could play with the gift wrap. She also got another visit from (Read the Rest…)

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  • Great Auntie Laurie says:

    Josh – You simply should be a professional photographer. Your photos are absolutely the best ever!
    Oh course you have a gorgeous model to shoot! Counting down the days till New Year’s! Love, Laurie


November has been a busy month so far! We started out by celebrating my birthday and I had a couple of fun nights out with friends. Then Lauren came down with a fever which was pretty tough on Josh and I- the worst were the shots and finger pricks she had to endure at the (Read the Rest…)

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  • Erin says:

    Wow, she sure looks a lot like Josh in that photo where she’s holding the pumpkin! I love seeing her new pictures. What I would really love is a new video . . . . :)
    Love, Erin

I know it’s been too long since the last post, but we’ve been busy! This past weekend was especially interesting- storms came through around 3 am on Saturday morning and we lost power at the house until Sunday afternoon! Lauren’s baptism was Saturday evening so we had to cook the whole meal on the grill (Read the Rest…)

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  • Amy Johnson says:

    Sounds like quite the memorable event!!! You guys all look great…but I do think I see a little halo over Lauren’s head…she looks like an angel!!!! I need a little hold-you time with her soon… Love to you all…-Amy


Week 31

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So I think the belly has grown since the last time I wore this shirt! It seems like I’ve gotten much bigger just in the last couple of weeks. And we’re officially into the single-digit countdown… 9 weeks left! The due date is coming really fast which seems a little scary at times, but I’m (Read the Rest…)

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  • Amy Johnson says:

    Oh Steph…that belly is so beautiful!! You guys are in the final countdown…enjoy the quiet house…the empty laundry baskets…and your SLEEP!!!! That little miracle is about to turn your world upside down in ways you can’t even begin to imagine…and it’s all awesome!!!! I had a little dream the other morning inbetween alarms that you and I were having a glass of wine and watching Logan play with about a 9 month old little GIRL on the floor…Hmmmmm…we’ll have to see in about 9 months, huh?? The other parts I all believe to be true…the wine and Logan playing with the baby…hahah!!! We love you and cannot wait to meet the little one…and you have never looked more beautiful in the 12 years I’ve known you!!!