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Brayden has had a tough few days- just cranky and hard to please. His top two teeth started coming in last weekend and so we thought that was part of the problem; he’s been drooling like crazy, giving him a rash on his chin, neck, and chest and he chews hard on anything he can (Read the Rest…)

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  • Grandma Mary says:

    Brayden, hope you're feeling a little better now. Bet your mom and dad miss those BIG smiles of yours! Lauren, your babies are going to be SO smart with you teaching them everything you know! Were those your music books you were teaching from?? Grandma and Bumpa can't wait to hear you sing some of your "Bible" songs!
    Be sure to have your mom and dad take some pictures of you and Brayden in your Halloween costumes. Someone asked me today what you were dressing up as , , , and Grandma didn't know!! Have fun "trick or treating"! Love and kisses from Grandma Mary